Why a Tax Attorney

Why We Are Tax Attorneys

To Fight the Good Fight

People often ask us why our Law Firm does work in the Tax Controversy field. For us, it is a mix of patriotism, empathy and a strong desire to see justice done.

At G&G Law LLC, we are no fans of a government that stands between our clients and a reasonable outcome. Equity and fairness are the guiding principles of any solid Tax Representation practice.

Attorneys often dream of fighting the good fight, and most tax cases are exactly that – a good fight. 


To Pursue Interesting Legal Arguments

You don’t need to be in the legislature to make new laws. Some might call them activists, but judges who rule on ambiguities or who interpret the law are literally just doing their jobs. That doesn’t change the fact that when the Tax Court decides that the IRS is wrong it its interpretation of the tax law, it strengthens the case for every taxpayer that makes similar arguments in the future.


The Government is Powerful

The government has what some would describe as extreme power in its ability to assert and enforce tax assessments against every day citizens. When the IRS audits you, for example, the examiner’s findings (with some exceptions) will be presumed correct. That’s right – when it comes to a civil tax debt, taxpayers are “guilty” unless they establish that they are more than likely “innocent.” With the burden of proof on taxpayers (and not the government) for most tax controversies, it is already an uphill battle when facing an IRS audit. Some cases are cut and dry. Examiners, in some cases simply require a taxpayer (or his representative) to substantiate expenses or even prove they didn’t have income. Of course, at the audit stage, the Examiner is judge, jury, and executioner. 

But an audit does not stop after an exam has run its course. Often this is when we will really get to work. Unless there is a situation where a taxpayer cannot credibly produce proof that an expense was actually incurred, IRS Administrative Appeals allow our Tax Attorneys to put forth legal arguments on our client’s behalf with an eye towards settlement before filing a tax court petition is necessary. But when it is necessary to take a case to court to get the correct result, we don’t shy away from doing so.