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Your Tax Problem Is Not As Scary As You Think

Fear has a way of paralyzing people. Instead of taking action when we should, we stay put and ignore the problems that are causing us stress. When dealing with the IRS, this is the wrong approach. But I am here to tell you that you do not need to be afraid of your tax problems, you just need to take the right steps to solve them. If you are being audited, or if the IRS is trying to collect back taxes from you – help is available. I can show you the path to getting rid of your tax problems for good. Are you ready to move on with your life – without the IRS?

West Haven – Finding the Right Tax Attorney

I am a solo practice attorney in the State of Connecticut, and I take tax cases throughout the state. I am admitted to Federal Tax Court and District Court – so I can take your case all the way if necessary. If you have ever called the IRS, you know that calls get routed throughout the country. One day, you’ll be talking to an IRS employee in Texas, and the next day, you’ll be talking to someone in Ohio. The frustrating thing is that you can never get the same person on the phone. Part of my job as a Tax Attorney is to make sure that my clients do not have to talk to the IRS or DRS again. I work with my clients, and I advocate for my clients with the IRS. Let me do the talking. If you want to know more, give me a call or fill out the contact form below to set up a no-obligation consultation.

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