Real Estate Closings

Buying a home?

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I provide Real Estate Closing services for both buyers and sellers. In Connecticut, Attorneys fulfill a variety of roles to makes sure that a closing goes smoothly. Most of the time, whether you are buying a home, or selling a home, an attorney will be involved.

As a Buyer’s attorney, I provide the following services:

  • I review your lending documents
  • I review your sales contract
  • Order and review your title search
  • Provide title insurance
  • Conduct your Real Estate closing

Contact a Real Estate Closing Attorney

If you are buying a home, the process can be stressful. My job is to make the process as transparent, simple, and painless as possible. I provide my clients with direct access by making sure that I am easy to get in touch with. I stay involved with your closing from the moment you hire me until the deal closes. Call me at 203-628-2952 today to discuss.