Innocent Spouse Relief

Do You Qualify For Innocent Spouse Relief?
The most relevant question is whether or not it is fair for you to be held liable for the tax.

It is probably one of the most unforgiving parts of the the Tax Code. If you are married and file a tax return with your spouse, you are not just agreeing to share in any refund (or balance due) shown on the return, you are also agreeing to accept liability for the entire amount of any audit adjustment or balance that goes unpaid.

But maybe your spouse lied to you and hid income from you

maybe your spouse abused you mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially.

Whatever the exact reason, your spouse – and only your spouse – should be on the hook for his or her tax sins, not you. Right? Well – if you do nothing – wrong.

The IRS will try to collect money from any person who is liable for a tax debt. They often look for wages and bank accounts first before they start trying to get their hands on self-employment and business income. In order to get the IRS to stop trying to collect against you for tax problems created by your spouse you need to convince the IRS that you qualify for relief.

I have written and spoken extensively on Innocent Spouse Relief, because I think it is a necessary and important that the IRS provide an escape hatch for spouses who shouldn’t be on the hook for their spouse’s tax problems. See the links and videos below for more information.

If you would like to discuss whether you might qualify for relief, give me a call. at 844-486-6829

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