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IRS Disputes Require You to Be Proactive

When you are taking on the IRS, the last thing you want to do is wait for the tax machine to catch up with you. Even if you are looking for help with a tax liability you do not dispute, relief is available. By law, the IRS cannot collect more money from you than you can afford to pay. The Internal Revenue Service is well-known for putting taxpayers into installment agreements they cannot afford. If you do nothing to protect yourself, you might eventually be subject to wage garnishments, bank levies, and tax liens. Do you know what your next step is in dealing with your tax problem? I can point you in the right direction.

If You Live in Manchester, CT and Need a Tax Attorney – I Can Help

The benefits to hiring an Attorney who focuses on tax problems in order to take on the IRS and DRS are vast. Whether you are facing a tough audit, or you simply want to know how much you actually need to pay to the IRS – a Tax Attorney can help. I am authorized to practice in front of the IRS, and I know the procedures to take to make sure that your case gets the close look it deserves on the administrative level. If that does not work, there are several ways to get your “day in court.” I am admitted to practice in the US Tax Court, Federal District Court, and Bankruptcy Court. If you are currently disputing tax issues with the CT DRS, I can take steps to protect you from criminal prosecution. Why don’t you give me a call, or fill in the form below? All initial consultations are complimentary and no-obligation.


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