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You Don’t Need to Handle Your Tax Problems Alone

Tax problems can be a tricky thing to deal with. You want to pay what you owe, but maybe you cannot pay right away. Perhaps you want to dispute the amount of money you owe. Whatever your situation is, I can provide guidance on the correct approach to take. If you live in Stamford, and you are looking for a Tax Attorney, give me a call or fill out the contact form below. I provide free consultations to all prospective clients, and I will provide you with valuable information about how to take on the IRS even if you decide that you are not ready to hire a professional at this time. If the IRS is auditing you, sending you certified mail, garnishing your wages, or emptying your bank accounts – I can help you find a path forward.

Tax Lawyer in Stamford: It Will Get Better

Do you think the IRS is just going to disappear? That is unlikely. It might take a few months, or even years for the IRS to finally catch up to you, but when they finally do – it will not be pretty. The good news is that if you take proactive steps, your situation can only improve. The trick is figuring out what steps to take, and that can be touch to navigate. The IRS cannot take your property without providing you with Due Process. However, with the IRS – the clock will not stop ticking on its own. If you fail to act, the IRS will eventually look for sources of collection, and at that point – your due process rights might have expired. Let’s talk about your options to make the IRS go away for good. It will get better, but only if you do something about it.

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