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Your Tax Problem is a Legal Problem Too.

If you are here, you are probably looking for a Tax Lawyer to help sort out a problem with the IRS/DRS. Greenwich is a nice place to live, but it is also a very expensive place to live. Facing a tax problem can be a scary situation. To the IRS “customer service” representative you reach over the phone, you might not get much sympathy. To them, you are rich and you can afford to pay all of your taxes in full. They might be right, or they might not be. Would you like to know? Here’s the truth, the IRS cannot collect more money from you than you can afford to pay them. The problem is that their cost-of-living limitations might make it impossible for you to stay in your home and pay the IRS at the same time. So – what do you do? There are several ways to attack a tax problem, but in situations where you owe more money to the IRS than you can afford to pay, someone from Kentucky or Texas will not understand because it looks like you make plenty of money. Your best option is probably to get in front of a local IRS Appeals office. Do not count on the IRS to point you in the right direction. Before the IRS can collect money from you, they need to give you the opportunity for a hearing. You might have to take your case to Tax Court, District Court, or Bankruptcy Court in order to reach the best resolution. Give me a call to discuss your options.

A Tax Attorney Who Understands Greenwich

I grew up in a small, affluent village in Westchester County. Our schools were top-notch, our communities were safe, and the cost of living was astronomical. Like Westchester, Fairfield County is a tough place to raise a family from a financial perspective. As an Attorney, I will always advocate for a solution that allows you to maintain your standard of living. But I will not hide the truth from you. I will analyze your finances, I will fight for the right result, and I will make sure that the IRS is not getting a dime more than it has the right to collect from you. Whatever your situation is, I will work with you to make sure that your rights are protected, and that all options to minimize your liabilities are explored.



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