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IRS Tax Problems Won’t Go Away on Their Own

Ignoring your tax problems will not make them go away. The IRS is a tax collection machine, and it will not stop unless you take an affirmative step. If you are being audited, or if a tax liability has already been assessed, it is almost never too late to do something to improve your situation. You need to money in your bank accounts to pay your bills, you need your full paycheck for the same reason. Ignoring the IRS puts your assets and income at risk. So be proactive. Since you are here, I can make a pretty good guess that you are looking for a Tax Lawyer to help with your tax problems. Maybe you are not sure if you need to retain the services of a professional. I get it and I am currently taking on new clients who live or work in Fairfield. Give me a call or fill out the contact form below so that we can discuss the benefits of working together to solve your tax problems. The first consultation is always free, and there is no-obligation to retain my services.

A Tax Attorney Who Will Make Sure You Know Your Rights

I believe in what I do, I believe I provide real value to my clients. Here’s what I do not believe in – wasting your time. So if you meet with me, I am going to make sure that you know your rights. The IRS is not in the business of helping people solve their tax problems. I am. Everyone should know that they have rights when dealing with the IRS. The fact is that the government cannot take your property by force without providing you with “Due Process.” It is in the constitution. Let’s talk about it.


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