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If you are looking for tax help in Bristol, consider hiring an Attorney who will advocate for you as a person and not a set of numbers on an IRS form. One of the biggest challenges to dealing with the IRS is to get a person in a call center to care about you as a human being and not a revenue source. The IRS is well-known for putting taxpayers into installment agreements and other payment arrangements they cannot afford. You have options, you have legal rights. I am happy to discuss your tax situation with you in a free no-obligation consultation. Give me a call, or fill out the contact form below, so we can plan your next step.

Put the IRS in Your Past and Move on With Your Life

Without being proactive about your tax problems, the situation will only get worse. If you have not been levied yet, if tax liens have not been filed, it is only a matter of time before the IRS collection machine kicks into full gear. Whether you dispute the amount of tax you owe, or simply cannot afford to pay the liability right now, relief is available. You just need to know what to ask for, and the steps to a successful end to your tax nightmare. I can point you in the right direction


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