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You Don’t Need to be Afraid when you have an Experienced IRS Attorney.

You do not have to be afraid of the Internal Revenue Service. You really should not be. The IRS is a powerful collection machine, but it is also required to follow the law. I make sure the IRS follows the law, and I make sure my clients are provided with real due process.

I do not believe that taxpayers should take the IRS on alone. But I understand that some feel that they cannot afford to hire a professional. However, even if you plan on going it alone against the IRS, I urge you to contact me.

Some tax attorneys opt to charge their clients before speaking with them or providing valuable information. I want to help. I am not a fan of the games the IRS plays and my goal is to demystify that collection behemoth. Again, I will not scare clients into hiring me. (For individuals looking for situation-specific tax advice, I do charge a fee. However, I am happy to discuss our services and solutions to tax problems in a general sense during a 20-minute phone conversation.)

If you are looking for a professional to solve your tax problem, consider hiring a local Connecticut Tax Attorney who knows how to read, write, and fight. That’s me.

But maybe you are not ready to talk. So I’ve provided some links and information to get you started.

Do you need a Tax Attorney? I can help you better if you get in touch with me, but I understand if you are not ready to hire someone.

Most of all, I want to make sure that you decide to hire the right person.

You probably know that IRS Employees/Representatives can sometimes be condescending, rude, and confusing. I’ve spoken to  many IRS Agents in my time as a tax lawyer. I have seen excellent people at the IRS, and I have also seen incompetent people at the IRS. I have had IRS Collections or Examination Agents that are so confused with what is going on with a client’s account that they start to confuse me. I have also seen IRS Agents and Revenue Officers who seem to be  intentionally trying to mislead me by misrepresenting the law or challenging why I would take advantage of the law to protect my clients procedurally.

So here’s the thing – I think it is important that your experience with me is better than it is with the IRS.

What I mean by that is simple – I will demystify the process to you, I will treat you like a human being, and I will always be on your side. Some self-proclaimed “Tax Resolution Experts” used to work with the IRS and claim that this gave them an edge. I don’t think it hurts – the inside knowledge. But I think that the inside perspective might. I’ve never worked for the IRS and I never will.

Want to do your own research? Think you can DIY your way out of a tax problem? Maybe this information below will help.

With all of the misinformation out there in the media regarding the potential solution to living life with burdensome tax debt, some people decide to go it alone and deal with the IRS directly. The problem is that there is a heightened awareness – thanks to nationally televised ad buys – that tax debt can be settled for less than what is owed but what isn’t clear is that the amount you settle your debt for is not a function of the amount you owe. Credit card companies may be willing to settle your outstanding balance for less than what you owe in exchange for an immediate payment of the agreed-upon amount. But the purpose of the Offer in Compromise program is different.

The IRS knows that you will  continue to be a “customer” for the rest of your life, while a bank is probably looking to cut ties with you and let you off the hook.

An Offer in Compromise may not be the optimal solution to your tax problems. It might not even be an option!

[NOTE: The IRS acceptance rate for offers has increased drastically over the last few years, except in 2014. This is in part due to the fact that the IRS is now willing to take a lower offer amount than it was willing to take previously. The acceptance rate, however, is still disappointing – less than half of Offers submitted to the IRS are accepted.]

Here are some links to get you started:

Online Resources (external sites)

IRS Collection Alternatives

Information for Innocent Spouses

Even if you are not ready to hire a professional to take on the IRS, I urge you to contact me. If you need a tax attorney in Connecticut, I am here to help.

Connecticut Tax Attorney

If you are having trouble with the IRS and you are considering hiring an attorney to help with your tax problems, it is likely that you have a problem with the Connecticut Department of Revenue as well. Since our practice is based in Connecticut, Tax Relief from the DRS is something we are familiar with. If you are looking for an IRS Attorney in Connecticut, you should consider hiring a law firm that is used to working with the DRS as well.

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