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If you are wondering whether you actually need a tax attorney now,

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Don't Let Tax Attorney Now "Psych" You Out.

I'm a pretty big Corbin Bernsen fan. He plays a pretty likable Henry Spencer on Psych, and he speaks with a lot of authority. He's no Alan Thicke, but he does a pretty good job promoting "Tax Attorney Now"on its late-night (and daytime?) ads. (Apparently Corbin Bernsen also played an attorney on TV in "LA Law.")

I do and I don't wish I could afford the ads that "Tax Attorney Now" and Optima Tax Relief run on a regular basis. It would be nice to try and operate a tax resolution business on that kind of scale, but it almost never ends well. (See Tax Masters, JK Harris, Tax Lady, et al.)

Tax Attorney Now is not an actual Tax Resolution Company

Tax Attorney Now is not a tax resolution company like Optima. Instead, Tax Attorney Now (and other companies like it) simply gather leads for tax resolution "firms" throughout the country. The most disturbing part is that Tax Attorney Now has decided that it is OK to refer callers to non-Attorneys, simply by redefining "Tax Attorney" to mean "pretty much anyone."

.. and StopIRSDebt is not a Law Firm

Even though has a very similar website to Tax Attorney Now, it at least appears to be a single firm - but they are careful to explain that " is a tax resolution firm, not a law firm."

Tax Attorney Now's second spokesman suggests in the ad that "Tax Attorney Now matches you with right Tax Attorney, at the right price, right now."

And that sounds appealing. Because if your tax problems have gotten to the point where you feel like you need the help of an attorney, it is probably best if you act now. Right?

With such absolute blanket statements, and the warm intro by Bernsen, I thought for sure that Tax Attorney Now would actually be referring cases to Tax Attorneys. You know, real lawyers? But, being an actual lawyer myself, I decided that should read the fine print at the bottom of and it just isn't clear who Tax Attorney Now is referring people to. The fine print does state that the site will be referring cases to "tax resolution companies" which are "not law firms." So we know a few things right off the bat, and I think it is a pretty safe assumption that many of the calls at these "tax resolution companies" are being fielded by salespeople and not actual tax attorneys. (To anyone at "Tax Attorney Now" - whoever you are - please contact me and let me know if I have misunderstood.)

Apparently, Tax Attorney "is a general term."

Here's what I found in the fine print:

Fine PRINT is a marketing site that will match you with tax resolution companies for help. All Rights Reserved. All ratings, examples, and reviews are courtesy of our tax resolution partners. The tax resolution companies ARE NOT law firms. They employ attorneys, CPA's and enrolled agents. Our use of the term 'Tax Attorney' is a general term, referencing attorneys seasoned in aspects of tax relief and collection work. They may or may not have a specialized degree in taxation. (My - various -  emphasis added.)

What do you get when you contact Tax Attorney Now? You can never be sure.

When a company is so brazen as to hammer home the message that "you need a tax attorney" and that you need one "now," but is then more than willing to connect you with non-attorneys (or at best - promises that it won't connect you with an actual law firm) your best bet might be to STAY AWAY. I'm not a big fan of any client-acquisition strategy that begins with a lie. And as a consumer of tax resolution services, you shouldn't be either.

You want someone on your side who isn't afraid to tell you the truth, right?

I'll tell you the truth when we talk, and I will tell you the truth right now. My Connecticut Law Firm G&G Law, LLC is located in Brookfield, CT. The firm handles a variety of matters, but my main practice area is tax controversies and representation. I am a Connecticut Attorney Admitted to CT State court, Federal District Court (for refund suits), and Federal Tax Court. I actually can and do take cases to trial when warranted.


If you are wondering whether you actually need a tax attorney now, right now, then I invite you to schedule a 20-minute phone call with me - an actual attorney - where I can answer that question for you.

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Sometimes You Just Want Answers

Honest Answers

Not a Sales Pitch

It has been a while since the demise of large national tax resolution firms like Tax Masters, JK Harris, and Roni Deutch, and the landscape of the Tax Resolution field has changed substantially. But in some ways it has remained very much the same.

Firms like Tax Masters went to financial markets and raised capital for advertising, and invested heavily in television commercials and sales staff to "close deals" without making sure that they were adequately staffed to take on the work that was required.

Now, most Tax Resolution firms are often smaller, more regional, and easier to manage.

Big television ad-buys and marketing initiatives are still a common feature of the "Tax Resolution Industry," however, but the sales-force is merely outsourced.

Most heavily advertised Tax Resolution brands are nothing more than referral service! And those referrals are dolled out based on how much a given "Firm" has paid the advertiser.

When you book a meeting or phone call through our site, you will speak directly with an actual tax attorney the first time you speak with anyone. We don't employ sales-people or sales firms.

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