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If you are looking for Estate Planning Documents prepared, customized, and reviewed by a Connecticut Estate Planning Attorney, please take a look at the Firm's online store:
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Your Last Will and Testament is a very personal statement. It is your opportunity to speak for yourself, one last time, after your death. Who will handle the financial affairs if you pass away? Who will make sure your family and close friends are taken care of? Who will take care of your children? What will happen to your remains? These are all of the questions that you can answer in your Last Will and Testament.

Estate Planning can be complicated or simple, but no two situations are exactly alike. If you are looking for a lawyer that wants to make sure your property is divided in the way you want, then contact me today to set up a consultation where we will discuss your options.

If you are the type of person that does not want the details of your estate to become a public record, you might consider the option of setting up a trust to transfer your property upon death (or sooner). Unlike a will, a trust is a private document that will not be filed with the probate court. Depending on the complexity of your situation, and what you are looking to accomplish, different documents will be needed. Give me a call today to discuss.

I provide estate planning and tax planning services throughout Connecticut.

I also provide probate services in Bethel, Danbury, New Haven, and Naugatuck.


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It has been a while since the demise of large national tax resolution firms like Tax Masters, JK Harris, and Roni Deutch, and the landscape of the Tax Resolution field has changed substantially. But in some ways it has remained very much the same.

Firms like Tax Masters went to financial markets and raised capital for advertising, and invested heavily in television commercials and sales staff to "close deals" without making sure that they were adequately staffed to take on the work that was required.

Now, most Tax Resolution firms are often smaller, more regional, and easier to manage.

Big television ad-buys and marketing initiatives are still a common feature of the "Tax Resolution Industry," however, but the sales-force is merely outsourced.

Most heavily advertised Tax Resolution brands are nothing more than referral service! And those referrals are dolled out based on how much a given "Firm" has paid the advertiser.

When you book a meeting or phone call through our site, you will speak directly with an actual tax attorney the first time you speak with anyone. We don't employ sales-people or sales firms.

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