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This Page includes links to resources for current clients.
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It is rare that someone ends up with a tax problem when there was not some sort of lack of attention to compliance. In a perfect world, everything is documented on time and paid on time. We work clients to determine the correct amount of withholding or estimated tax payments. 

We also advise clients on the types of records they should be keeping to be prepared to respond to any tax deficiency controversies.

Keep in mind, that in order to resolve an IRS tax debt, current compliance is almost always a requirement for success! 
Financial Analysis
As part of any case, the first thing we will do is gather the relevant financial information from you. The best, and most efficient way for you to share documentation with us is through our Canopy Portal. 

Please provide any information or documentation requested by your attorney promptly. 

If you would prefer to drop off copies of documents or mail them to us, you may do so. Please schedule any in-person drop offs above.
Once we have analyzed he information that you provide, and compare it with the information that the IRS has in their system, we will determine a solution that works best for your particular situation. Please call us or schedule an appointment if you have any questions about the status of your case.
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