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Tax Representation Services provided by G&G Law, LLC include:

  • Income Tax Audits: Initial Audits, Administrative Appeals of Proposed Deficiencies, Litigating Proposed Deficiencies in US Tax Court, Administrative Claims for Refund, Audit Reconsiderations, Litigating Refund Claims in Federal District Court.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief: Initial Filings for Relief from Joint and Several Liability. Administrative Appeals of any adverse determinations. Litigating Denial of Relief in US Tax Court. Appealing (Note: We do not intervene on behalf of nonrequesting spouses in Innocent Spouse Cases.)
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Representation:  4180 interviews, Appeal Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Determinations, Penalty Abatements, Doubt as to Liability Offers in Compromise
  • Sales and Use Tax Audits: Initial Sales and Use Tax Audits, Appeals of Sales and Use Tax Audits.
  • Estate Taxes: Contest domicile determinations by Connecticut Department of Revenue Services made against non-Connecticut Residents.
  • Representation in Connecticut Superior Court on all Tax Matters (including criminal tax matters)
  • Representation in Federal District Court and US Tax Court on all Tax Matters.
  • Tax Debt Relief: Installment Agreements, Hardship Forbearance, Bankruptcy Analysis, Penalty Abatements, Compliance Coaching, Offers in Compromise

What Types of Tax Disputes Do Our Tax Attorneys handle at G&G Law, LLC?

At G&G Law, LLC we represent clients in tax controversies in front of the IRS and in United States Tax Court. Our clients' disputes involve all kinds of Federal Taxes, including Income Taxes, Employment Taxes, Excise Taxes, as well as Estate and Gift Taxes.

We also represent businesses and individuals with State of Connecticut tax matters, including Sales and Use Taxes, Income Taxes, Withholding Taxes, as well as Estate and Gift Taxes.

We Handle Tax Disputes of Every Kind - if There's a Conflict

At G&G Law, LLC, we leave the preparation of tax returns to other professionals. Instead, we focus our efforts on tax services that fit our skill set as Attorneys.

As Attorneys, we have studied, and trained for our professional from the perspective of  conflict resolution. In any true legal dispute, we must establish favorable facts, and make compelling arguments. Clients find that we are their most committed allies when the IRS fails to consider the facts that weigh in their favor. They value our seasoned advice and skill set when they hire us to advocate for alternative interpretations of the law.

Not Always Up for Negotiation

Not everything with the IRS is a negotiation, as some television commercials would have you believe.

If you have a tax debt and you lack a good argument as to why you should not owe it, the only argument you have left is that you cannot afford to pay it. The IRS will request certain financial information and compute your required monthly payment for you, if that's what you want. But don't expect them to advise you on other expenses you could be taking, or to understand the difference between your actual Cash Flow and Gross Income.

Sometimes - in fact, often - the only honest answer to the question of whether or not you can settle your IRS liability for less than what you owe is one word. "No."

No, you can't just offer the IRS a lump sum to get rid of penalties and interest.

No, the IRS will not just take pennies on the dollar just because you (or someone else) convinces them to.

Sometimes, you make too much money, or you have too many assets, and the answer is obvious.

We'll tell you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it. We won't sell you on a solution that is not available.

But When it Is a Negotiation, it matters who speaks for you

When you have something to say to the IRS it is important that they listen and understand what you are telling them. IRS employees handle loads of cases, especially when they are working in a call center. We bring the relevant details and authority to the IRS' attention. And, in circumstance where the IRS is unwilling to entertain our positions, we litigate.

As Attorneys we can carry your tax dispute from start to finish, without a hand-off to someone else.

Sometimes You Just Want Answers

Honest Answers

Not a Sales Pitch

It has been a while since the demise of large national tax resolution firms like Tax Masters, JK Harris, and Roni Deutch, and the landscape of the Tax Resolution field has changed substantially. But in some ways it has remained very much the same.

Firms like Tax Masters went to financial markets and raised capital for advertising, and invested heavily in television commercials and sales staff to "close deals" without making sure that they were adequately staffed to take on the work that was required.

Now, most Tax Resolution firms are often smaller, more regional, and easier to manage.

Big television ad-buys and marketing initiatives are still a common feature of the "Tax Resolution Industry," however, but the sales-force is merely outsourced.

Most heavily advertised Tax Resolution brands are nothing more than referral service! And those referrals are dolled out based on how much a given "Firm" has paid the advertiser.

When you book a meeting or phone call through our site, you will speak directly with an actual tax attorney the first time you speak with anyone. We don't employ sales-people or sales firms.

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